Hello and welcome to Paul Nguyen's Art Blog! I work in animation and games. Here are some companies that I've worked for :
Lucasfilm Animation, Nickelodeon, Funzio, Gree International 


Funzio/Gree International
Senior Concept Artist, April 2012 - Current
Designing assets and concepts for mobile games

Background Painter, September 2011 - October 2011
Contracted as freelance background painter for Avatar: Legend of Korra

Lucasfilm Animation
Concept Artist, May 2010 - March 2012
Designed characters, props, and environments for an unannounced Lucas animated feature
Acted as liaison to help to ensure overseas models remain true to design

Concept Artist, June 2009  - August 2009
Designed props and characters for 3d animated short by Raquel Coelho

PBS - Imagination Station
Concept Artist, March 2009 - June 2009          
Designed character assets used for a hand drawn 30 second animated television intro

Hallmark Workshop
February 2008
Training with Hallmark focusing on conceptual story development

Blackpoint Studios
3d Modeler, March 2005 - June 2005
Textured and modeled level assets for James Bond: From Russia with Love
Responsible for prop placement and construction of the level layout

I-Robot Cricket
3d Modeler, February 2005 - March 2005
Contracted under Matt Cioffi to model a robotic cricket used for advertisement

Pixar University Internship
February 2005 - March 2005
Assisted in the creation of educational assets used by Pixar employees

Shrunkenheadman Club - Animation/Illustration Student Organization
Spring 2008 - Spring 2009
Model Coordinator - Organizer and moderator of figure drawing sessions

Maya, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, InDesign, Outlook
Fluent in English and Vietnamese

San Jose State University
BFA - Illustration/Animation
Dean's Scholar Award

Expression College for Digital Arts
BS - Digital Visual Media
Expression College Program Director's Award

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